Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Newborn Outfit

Finally got the little outfit done for one of my friend's new baby. She is actually about 9 weeks now! They grow so quickly! No photos on because she's going away, but she got a one-size side-snap minkee pocket in gorgeous Raspberry Slush Benartex Minkee, I think this one is my favourite colour.

Then I made a little minkee pinafore. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get newborn measurements? Most of what I could find was for knitting, or it gave a length and a weight. How is 9lb supposed to tell me how big to make the armholes???

Anyway, the dress is very simple, it snaps at one side and has a button on one shoulder so you can slide the baby in rather than trying to get it over their head. Then you tie the ribbons at the front or back, voila!

She's a lot bigger than the doll, but you get the idea.

I tried several different ways of finishing the minkee, which was very painful. If you've ever sewn a fabric with a pile you'll know, firstly it's very thick, but then it moves around. You aren't putting fabric to fabric, but the little hairs can bend and move, so it's very hard to line up and pin. I didn't bother with hemming - far too thick. I thought of facing but wanted something simple and given how long it had already taken me, quick! I really wanted some satin binding, but couldn't get any here - remember I'm in the middle of nowhere :) I then made a binding out of some lovely soft fabric I have here, but it was way too hard on all the tiny little curves. Satin stitching just didn't look good, it stretched the fabric (which would have been nice on the hem) and the pile showed through. I know there is a product you can get to stop that, but middle of nowhere again. In the end I did a line of decorative stitching a little back from the edges, minkee doesn't fray so it is just for looks. I'd still like to work out a better way, (maybe this is my excuse to buy a binding foot) but I think the gorgeous fabric speaks for itself.

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