Sunday, 26 October 2008

Collaboration - How Exciting!

It's really exciting, I'm involved with a group of WAHMs who are starting a collaboration. And it's not just nappy WAHMs, we're mixing it up a bit to get new ideas.

The first one will be in December for Christmas. I'm making a minkee/bamboo velour fitted nappy to go with some clothes. I'm deciding which red minkee to use, the plain or the beautiful variegated one. It will depend which goes better with the clothes, but I'm also experimenting to see if I can applique on it, or possibly do something with other colours or fabrics.

And I'm possibly embellishing a shirt and/or bib to go with someone else's nappy, I can't wait to get photos of what they're doing so I can get creative on the shirt.

The one I'm working on now is to make a gift set for a little girl, with a fairy picture and I'm making fairy wings and a skirt. The wings will be like these, blue and purple, and the skirt will be blue with ribbons and embellishments in the purple. I've just found some cool instructions for making really nice flowers and suffolk puffs, it will be a really girly fantasy skirt.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Re-usable Nappy Week

Along with my very supportive husband, I just ran an afternoon tea for Re-usable Nappy Week. I put up a couple of posters and DH told the pregnant women he works with, plus I put it out on a forum and playgroup and half a dozen women and one dutiful father-to-be turned up. That's pretty good for such a little town!

Widget ran around with another toddler and DH looked after them, and Midget was a great little model and let people practice putting snappis on her.

This is just about every nappy I own spread around on the floor, including the really sad one I made for the recycling challenge. That one had to go as it's the only AIO I have, plus I mentioned frugal nappying and making your own.

There were a couple of nappies I had just washed that morning, and of course the bamboo hadn't dried. But that's really just an opportunity to demonstrate how a stay-dry liner works, because it feels dry while the rest of the booster is damp.

They all had a good play with the different nappies, and I made up "Show Bags" as well. Lots of information, including web addresses, a pattern, the ANN brochure, a snappi and some cool magic cloths. So they can have a look at it at their leisure afterwards.

The minkee cover was a big hit, as was the pink chinese brocade and tiger.

I feel like I should run a little competition - how about some magic cloths for anyone who can identify the nappies in the photo :)